How to feel sexy again after pregnancy?

So you’re feeling exhausted. There’s dried baby food everywhere, in your hair and even under your fingernails. Your favorite things to wear are baggy pants, sweats and fuzzy socks.

Your hair is a bit of a mess and you can’t even remember if you’ve brushed your teeth this morning or not. Sexy is not the first word which will come to mind if you are asked to describe yourself right now. OK, as a new mom you may want to feel sexy again. You’ll probably want to gain the desire you once had before having your baby but the stress of sleepless nights and the challenges of motherhood are taking center stage.

A demanding baby and a frustrated dad are not helping. Don’t despair totally. There are ways to feel sexy after pregnancy and bring back the romantic relationship you had before. One of the first things to do is have your doctor check your hormone levels. An under-active thyroid, low or high cortisol and low testosterone levels can read havoc on the body.

Low progesterone as well as low or high estradiol can also affect the level of sexual desire. Many health experts agree that sexuality is probably the most widely known area which is directly controlled by hormones. Get them checked out. Health specialists can also help new moms tackle weight gain, fatigue, low libido and mood swings. Getting the proper hormonal treatment will get you on the right track to feel sexy again.

Take time out for yourself

Most new moms spend a lot of time with their babies and tend to neglect themselves. When baby is asleep try taking a bubble bath to relax and recharge your batteries. During quieter moments, meditate or read a favorite novel. Have some “me” time. Try and be your old self again, it won’t be long before your loved one begins to notice. He’ll soon agree to entertain the kids and look after the new arrival that little bit longer so you can primp and preen yourself.

After all your loved one will want you to look good just as much as you do. Trying to be sexy is better than not trying at all. If you imitate confidence you will feel confident and sexy again. So, act as if you’re the sexiest and prettiest woman on the planet. It won’t be long until you are back to your old self and ready to renew a loving relationship with your hubby or partner. Try to get baby into a sleeping pattern as soon as possible so you can spend some valuable time with your precious man.

Dog sleeping in bed alongside master's feet

Dog sleeping in bed alongside master’s feet

Next it’s time to flatter yourself

Do something that makes you feel better about your appearance. If you feel sexy with painted nails, then do it. How about putting on some moisturizer, eye liner, gloss lipstick and perfume to feel good about yourself? Find out what makes you feel sexy again. Don’t forget to buy some flattering lingerie too. There are baby doll nighties and waist-clinchers which can help slim down your midriff and highlight that cleavage, now you’re talking. For those moms who have had C-sections, there are also lingerie options for you as well.

Remember not to neglect your partner too much after giving birth. Sometimes partners also get caught up with life in their new roles as parents. Stop arguing and having bitchy issues about trips to the grocery store and who gets up during the night to feed baby.

Appreciate your partner and look at your hubby with the same eyes you did when you first met. Talk about your first date, the excitement from your first phone call and most of all, the first “I love you”. This will all help to rouse those sleepy and forgotten butterflies in your stomach.

Sexy pregnancy


When it comes to feeling sexy after pregnancy there are just as many don’ts as do’s. Don’t let negative thoughts play around in your head and make you go play sports betting with Betfred. You know what we are talking about here, “I look terrible, not sexy at all”, “I just want to hide” and “I just don’t feel sexy or in the mood to have sex”. Let’s face it, it took nine months to have a baby so don’t expect your body to recover in nine days. Go for the positives after becoming a mom. Celebrate your new physical curves. They’re sexy, right? Marvel at the awesome accomplishment your body has just pulled off, you’re now the epitome of womanhood. Go and stand right in front of the mirror and pick a part of your body you like.

Tell yourself how sexy you look

Remember it’s all in the mind, so have a positive attitude. Try to get back into those pre-pregnancy clothes and ditch the maternity duds as soon as possible. Get loose and go shopping. Don’t worry about getting a size or two bigger than before, you’ll still look good and flattering. Compare yourself to celebs on TV and in magazines. Some celebs after having their babies are back onto the red carpet, slim and trim, so take a leaf out of their book.

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